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FlashMob for Uplift Festival

Calling all Dancers!

 We need you to join the Mob!

The Byron Area Nia Community is showing up at the UPLIFT FESTIVAL on Saturday, December 14 at 3.30pm (note: this changed from 3pm) to share our JOY and BEAUTY in a FLASH MOB!

Please invite all of your friends, even if they have never done Nia before! We will dance to “Beauty in the World” by Macy Gray. If you would like to have a look at the choreography before you come I have made a quick video and posted it here for you to view. There will be a few of us leading, so it is also just fine to come and join in.

Uplift is held at the Byron Regional Sports and Cultural Complex. Car pooling would be good, as parking may be tricky. or better yet, get someone to drive you in. Try to arrive 10 min early, look for a Nia Flag (it will be close to the front entrance), and blend into the environment until you hear the music come on and then join in! 🙂 if it flows well, we’ll lead another track, like we would in a class. We would really appreciate having you there, and hey, it will be really FUN! We will run through the track in the Nia classes this week as well.