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Starting from the ground up

In a Classic Nia class the teacher often begins by inviting students to come into their feet.  The feet, also known in Nia as the “hands that touch the Earth,” provide a foundation upon which we evolve.  They are our connection to Earth. Pushing our feet into the Earth gives rise to our whole being.

I used to tell the story that I had weakness in my feet and ankles because I had high arches.  After exploring further the anatomy of the foot I realised that I just had an arch like everyone else.  In fact, the foot has three arches and has a very intricate and complex structure.  Each of your feet has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments!  Knowing this information made me confident that I could heal my feet and forget that old story.

My new tool, provided by Nia Trainer Sophie Marsh, was to sense a water fountain shooting up through the center of my foot.  The empowerment to self-heal and really ground through my feet was tremendous.  I was on a mission and became very focused on the sensation and placement of my feet as I went about my life.  The next tool that played in my head like a mantra with every step I took was “heel, outside arch, ball of the foot, big toe.”  I played, walked in all different ways, and waited for my body to say “yes” that feels stable and elegant. I practiced and practiced as I walked in the grocery store, on the beach, and as I danced in class.  It was fun!

The results on my overall wellbeing were a blessing!  My posture improved, my lower back became stable, my neck and shoulders were loose, pain disappeared, and my psoas, core and pelvic muscles were so happy to be engaged (didn’t even need to do a single sit up!)  Feeling good in my body enlivened my spirit and helped me come into my unique power. We must never forget the importance of our feet!