Nia’s 9 Movement Forms

My very first Nia class blew me away! In the one hour class I experienced new ways to move, lots of Joy, expression, power, grace, mindfulness, balance, and pleasure, not to mention how great my body felt!  It was everything that I was needing in my life and it wasn’t until I learned more about Nia and its rich principles that I understood how it all comes together to create such a healing life practice.

The dynamic energy of a Nia class is founded on 9 movement forms including martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Each form brings tremendous qualities that are true expressions of the human experience. When we know more about them we can call them into our dance through life.  When is it helpful to be strong and precise?  When is is helpful to be care-free and playful?

In Nia we are not doing the different movement forms, instead we are inspired by the energies of the different forms. We find that the same basic movement can feel completely different when inspired by Tai Chi versus Modern Dance.  Each form has a catch phrase which invites us to explore our movement potential.

“I believe the most unique aspect of Nia is the way we integrate three arts into one powerful experience.” – Debbie Rosas co-founder Nia Technique

Martial Arts – Organic Precision

  • Tai Chi – The Slow Dance
  • Tae Kwon Do – The Dance of Precision
  • Aikido – Harmonious Spherical Motion

Dance Arts – Emotional Expression

  • Duncan Dance – Free-Spirited, Honest Movement
  • Jazz Dance – Fun, Showmanship, Expression
  • Modern Dance – Creating Shapes in Space

Healing Arts – Functional Movement

  • the work of Moshe Feldenkrais® – Conscious Awareness of Sensation
  • the Alexander Technique – Movement From the Top
  • Yoga – Conscious Alignment of Bones and Joints

Watch how the energy of these movement forms show up in your dance and your every day life.  All very useful at different times!