Nia and Breast Health

I have recently been invited to share Nia with the Byron Breast Cancer Support Group as a gentle 7 week series. I am pretty good at saying “Yes” to any new opportunities to share Nia, especially if it is going to send me on a new learning curve myself, so I’m diving in this week!

Naturally, this invite prompted me to read and explore the subject of breasts as well as tune into my body and the wisdom that it holds.  There has been extensive scientific research done on the subject of breast cancer and more and more women are having success with ‘beating’ cancer through surgery, chemo, radiation, and alternative medicine.  I first asked myself, “what do you know about breast cancer and what these women are facing?  What do you know about fighting for your life? All the suffering, the fear, the grief? What do you know about courage, power and grace?” I reflected on my journey with reoccurring mastitis with both of my babies and the relationship that had developed between me and my breasts and how Nia has brought me to once again love and accept my breasts. I don’t have the experience to identify with having breast cancer but I trust that the Nia technique offers everyone the opportunity to explore the truth and wisdom of their own bodies. All women and breasts are unique and beautiful and it is so very important for us to understand their purpose and how to keep them healthy!  The body is designed to self-heal, we just need to provide the optimal environment. That optimal environment is also the key to disease prevention.  I am no expert so, I would love to share this article on breast health by M.D. Christiane Northrup.  I think these 10 steps for creating breast health will have a great impact on all aspects of your life. Enjoy 🙂

click here : Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health

7 week Gentle Nia Series – all are welcome!

when : 7 Wednesdays  23rd July – 10th Sept from 12:30 -2:30 pm                                                                           where:  Byron Senior Citizens Hall, 37 Marvell St Byron Bay                                                                                   cost:  $10 per session or $65 for 7 weeks (payable week 1)

to book: call BBCSG – Margie 66854873 or email