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Nia Dance Jam!

Fundraiser for Bumi Wadah Foundation – Phillipines

EveryBODY welcome, No experience necessary!

Dancing to support our global community in need!

September 5, 2014 6.30pm

Ocean Shores Community Center       Suggested Donation $15


Kick off your shoes and get on the dance floor for feel good movement and support a good cause!  Local midwife,  Ti Harrison is  heading to  Dulag in the Phillipines , an island located in the heart of the area which was struck by the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda late last year. Ti will bring her service and gifts to the birth centre which was set up following the disaster to help women and families in that area . The Bumi Wadah Foundation relies very much on the help of volunteers and donations.. So grab your friends and come along to an evening of JOY and connection!


Nia and Breast Health

I have recently been invited to share Nia with the Byron Breast Cancer Support Group as a gentle 7 week series. I am pretty good at saying “Yes” to any new opportunities to share Nia, especially if it is going to send me on a new learning curve myself, so I’m diving in this week!

Naturally, this invite prompted me to read and explore the subject of breasts as well as tune into my body and the wisdom that it holds.  There has been extensive scientific research done on the subject of breast cancer and more and more women are having success with ‘beating’ cancer through surgery, chemo, radiation, and alternative medicine.  I first asked myself, “what do you know about breast cancer and what these women are facing?  What do you know about fighting for your life? All the suffering, the fear, the grief? What do you know about courage, power and grace?” I reflected on my journey with reoccurring mastitis with both of my babies and the relationship that had developed between me and my breasts and how Nia has brought me to once again love and accept my breasts. I don’t have the experience to identify with having breast cancer but I trust that the Nia technique offers everyone the opportunity to explore the truth and wisdom of their own bodies. All women and breasts are unique and beautiful and it is so very important for us to understand their purpose and how to keep them healthy!  The body is designed to self-heal, we just need to provide the optimal environment. That optimal environment is also the key to disease prevention.  I am no expert so, I would love to share this article on breast health by M.D. Christiane Northrup.  I think these 10 steps for creating breast health will have a great impact on all aspects of your life. Enjoy 🙂

click here : Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health

7 week Gentle Nia Series – all are welcome!

when : 7 Wednesdays  23rd July – 10th Sept from 12:30 -2:30 pm                                                                           where:  Byron Senior Citizens Hall, 37 Marvell St Byron Bay                                                                                   cost:  $10 per session or $65 for 7 weeks (payable week 1)

to book: call BBCSG – Margie 66854873 or email

Feeling Good in Federal!

It was a very happy occasion to meet and introduce Nia to a beautiful group of dancers in Federal, NSW this week! Such a fun community to get to know. It seems like the norm in Federal to encourage one another to stay fit, healthy and happy. Most of this group have been doing exercise classes together for years! They were open minded and had no problem taking their shoes off and exploring this “new to them” movement practice. Though it felt gentle and everyone was able to adapt the moves to suit their body, wow, did we sweat and get a satisfying workout! Not to mention, the JOY that was experienced!

Looking forward to dancing weekly on Thursday mornings with the lovely Federal (and surrounds) community!

Blissful Blue Belt

Blue Belt, a week of somatic education, unlike any other!  Who ever said that sitting up a desk with your feet flat on the ground with proper posture was the best way to learn?  That’s what I was “trying” to do when I was at school “trying” to learn.  Well, according to me, after experiencing the most profound life education whilst sprawled out on the floor half asleep, that theory is officially disproven!  I’m pretty sure that my mind was on slow speed the whole week, yet I received the information through a relaxed body and joyful spirit.  Relaxed, playful, stress-free, and harmonious…. now that is my ideal learning environment.

I have always learned a lot through Nia trainings as the education model is somatic based.  However, looking back, the achiever in me was still “trying” to learn and remember.  I don’t think I will be doing that again, I’d rather reserve that life energy for something a bit more fun!  Relaxing and trusting that what comes in just comes in is my new approach to learning anything.  Even learning new teacher routines and music now feels more easy, because I stopped “trying” so “hard!”

Arggghhh!  That word “try!”  I wish I would have gotten rid of that a long time ago.  “Relax”  and “Do” are now replacing “try” in my life, and with an excellent success rate I must say!

I have endless gratitude for the life changing lessons that I received at my Blue Belt from my totally awesome teacher, Winalee Zeeb, and our entire Blue Pod.  “Nia makes the obvious, known,” is what Winalee shared with us over and over again.  So, Nia is pretty much just common sense!  However, adapting common sense into everyday life is a whole other thing.  And this is why the Nia trainers are so golden!  They show us how it is done!  They hold a JOYful space for us to play and explore so we can grow to “know” the obvious.  And the tools that we’re given are simple, practical, and rocking awesome!  Nowadays, I have a tool in my back pocket for just about any situation!

My focus for this year was to rest more.  I realized how much effort that I put into expanding and growing last year, which was perfect, but unsustainable clearly.  So, I went into the Blue Belt with the intention to relax into my greatness.  When I say, “my greatness” I mean my truth, my authentic self in each moment.  No self expectation, no judgement.  Just true!  Feels good to be on this stretch of life’s journey.  Thanks Blue Belt, thanks Nia, and thank you my sweet hubby for sending and supporting me!